Using Fabrics For Quilting

Great Uses For Fabrics & Lining Fabric

a variety of lining fabrics and quilting fabrics Fabrics have been generally used for quilting, as well as other items that may require a lining fabric being applied to them, available from all good stockists everywhere. Other than the type of fabrics that is used in quilting, there are also some styles or patterns that can be used. There can be different patterns that can be used for quilts or blankets, and one of them for example is the straight grain cut fabric. You can find several quilting fabric products, which you can use to create your own bedding.

Benefits Of Using Straight Grain Cuts For Quilting;

With these types of fabrics, the pieces that have edges will run parallel to any of the straight grain. These patches will not stretch out of shape, compared to the pieces that have edges cut through the bias. The reason behind this is that the threads that have been interwoven and will give the cut edges more support, which makes them more stable. Here are some of the benefits of using the straight grain cuts for your quilts;

• The warp threads will be attached firmly to the loom as the weaving is taking place. This will mean that the threads will be help in place and it will make the structure to be more enhanced.
• There are the weft threads that will make the warp threads more stable.
• There will be more strength when using this fabric, since there would be more warp threads than the weft threads. This helps to increase the density.

So When Should You Use This Type Of Fabric?

• If you need to limit the stretching when you are sewing or handling the quilt. This is because of the style of the fabric rectangles and squares.
• When you need to make the outer edges of the quilt top square.
• If you need more stability to your blocks. The sashing strips have long edges, which run along the grain to make it more stable.
You can find a straight grain cut quilting fabric product, which can help you perfectly with your quilts, then you can also use a fantastic lining fabric to complement your creations.