Welcome to the website designed by, and for, the artists and craftspeople of Skye and Lochalsh. Here you will find the specialised visual disciplines of this savagely beautiful landscape, local workshops studios and galleries offering artworks inspired and influenced by their natural   surroundings.

Our site provides a complete overview of artists, studios and workshops on   this magical and mysterious elemental Island, where threatening skies can   combine land and water as one, or where a polarised blue vignette can light   up the landscape with a vibrancy of colour and emphasis of form.

Members’ work is viewable both by geographic location and visual discipline. Visit them   on the North, Central and South trails, arranged as in the Association’s complimentary   booklet ‘Elements of Excellence’. Alternatively, view the artists’ works by selecting a medium,   and view the galleries and studios under their specialist visual disciplines. Simply click on the link provided to go to the individual member’s own website. To enquire about, or to submit any pieces of art, please contact them here!